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C&M Stahl – Innovative steel processing from Hamm, Germany

In a highly competitive market, C&M Stahl’s maxim is to provide top performance for our customers day after day. For more than 30 years, we have been valued as a specialist in the trade of flat steel as well as the processing of steel sheets. From the purchase of steel to cutting, chamfering and blasting, we offer all processes from a single source.

Technologies and services

Based on your drawings, our high-tech flame-cutting machines produce precisely fitting flame-cut blanks. We also offer you additional options for further processing.


With CNC-controlled flame cutting machines, we can produce individual and series parts for your needs. The precision of these operations allows us to produce large quantities quickly and with little waste.


The high-precision laser technology used in flame cutting produces parts with a level of precision unmatched by other processes.


Plasma cutting machines are computer controlled and can perform flame cutting with the highest precision.


Bevel robots are used to process flame cut parts with high repeatability and precision, making them ideal for production lines that require repeatable re-sults.

Edge processing

The edges of metal parts are processed with a belt grinder and a chamfer-ing robot.


The versatile finishing of sheet metal and flame-cut parts using blasting equipment is a great way to create intricate, detailed designs.


Using a certified low stress stamping and embossing process on sheet metal parts, we guarantee a final result of the highest quality and precision.


We are able to produce components for immediate use. Thus, the parts or-dered from us do not require further processing.


Customized solutions through a comprehensive range of welding technolo-gy. We can tailor any process to your requirements


High-quality surface processing for component finishing ensures long life and a premium look.

Project Planning

Experienced team manages your project with full transparency, so you can be confident of an excellent result.

Insights into production

Production is the heartbeat of our business. Join us on a journey through our pro-duction lines – in 45 seconds.

Would you like to learn more? We will be happy to advise you!

We will advise you individually on the implementation of your project. From con-tract work to holistic projects – we are the reliable partner at your side.

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